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Rogowski Coil-based Current Probe

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Introducing the RP8025 Rogowski Coil-based Current Probe, engineered to provide precise measurements of high-frequency AC currents in tight spaces without breaking the bank. This innovative probe boasts a compact sensing coil, perfectly suited for slipping between the leads of a TO-220 transistor or wrapping around the leads of various through-hole power components. The RP8025 includes both the Rogowski Coil and an integrator/amplifier, expertly engineered to condition the signal from the coil and produce an output voltage reflecting the current flow within a conductor encircled by the Rogowski Coil. Particularly useful for investigating Switching Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), unlock exceptional accuracy and versatility with our cost-effective Rogowski Coil-based Current Probe.

RP8025 can be used with two types of Rogowski coil:

  • For measuring up to +/-60A; Sensitivity 0.1 V/A; Outer Diameter 1.8mm
  • For measuring up to +/-120A; Sensitivity 0.05 V/A; Outer Diameter 2mm

RP8025 comes with a USB cable and screwdriver. Please note that the included cable and screwdriver may vary from the images.

RP8025 datasheet


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