RP8025 – Rogowski Coil Current Probe

Empower Your Measurements with Precision: Unleash the Potential of Rogowski Coil Current Probes for Unparalleled Oscilloscope Performance

RP8025 – Description

Introducing the RP8025 Rogowski Coil-based Current Probe, engineered to provide precise measurements of high-frequency AC currents in tight spaces without breaking the bank. This innovative probe boasts a compact sensing coil, perfectly suited for slipping between the leads of a TO-220 transistor or wrapping around the leads of various through-hole power components. The RP8025 includes both the Rogowski Coil and an integrator/amplifier, expertly engineered to condition the signal from the coil and produce an output voltage reflecting the current flow within a conductor encircled by the Rogowski Coil. Particularly useful for investigating Switching Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), unlock exceptional accuracy and versatility with our cost-effective Rogowski Coil-based Current Probe.

Miniature Rogowski Coil, boasting a sleek design with a compact ~30mm diameter for seamless non-intrusive current measurements.

  • 80mm long Rogowski coil
  • 1.8mm outer diameter
  • 600mm coax cable to the instrument

Crafted with a sturdy aluminum enclosure, featuring a convenient BNC connector for direct attachment to your oscilloscope.

Set the oscilloscope as high impedance input.

Effortlessly powered via the oscilloscope’s USB connector, utilizing a dependable USB-C connection on the instrument side.

Fine-tune both the sensitivity and impulse slope compensation, ensuring most accurate representation of what you are measuring.

RP8025 – Specification

  • Bandwidth (-1dBr): 800 Hz – 25 MHz
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 V/A or 0.05 V/A depending of the coil type.
  • Current Range: +/-60A or +/-120A depending of the coil type.
  • Noise: down to 6 mA RMS
  • Slew Rate: 1 A/ns
  • Coil length: 80mm
  • Coil O.D.: 1.8mm or 2mm depending of the coil type.
  • Coax Cable length: 600mm (ask for a custom length)
  • Dimensions: 25mmx25mmx53mm

RP8025 – datasheet

RP8025 – Measured frequency response
Ideal 400mApp 100KHz square wave current measurement
Ideal 400mApp 1MHz square wave current measurement
Ideal 400mApp 10KHz square wave. Due to low frequency cut-off the tops and bottoms are tilt.
400mApp ideal 100KHz triangle wave current measurement